CAW Rallies in Support of Striking St. Marys Workers

May 18, 2010

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CAW Rallies in Support of Striking St. Marys Workers

CAW Rallies in Support of Striking St. Marys Workers
dated May 18, 2010

Bowmanville, Ontario
May 18, 2010

Bowmanville, Ontario
May 18, 2010

Nick Horsfall
St. Marys Worker CAW Local 222

       "Today is a huge day. The focus of today is to show the company Votorantim Cimentos, that we do have strong community support. That the Canadian workers are behind what's going on here and that people are really willing to stand up and fight for their pensions."


Ken Lewenza
CAW President

       "If a multinational corporation is going to buy a Canadian company, going to use our natural resources, the reality is the existing collective agreements must be protected. This is a classic example that this strike is not necessary. The employer told us they can afford it they're just not going to do it."


Chris Buckley
CAW Local 222 President

       "Absolutely disgusting that we have to be here today instead of in that workplace earning a living. But the company forced us to take action. After eight weeks of bargaining the company would not pull back from their demand to change our pension plan. But these members are taking on a fight that's not just about this workplace. It can happen in any workplace. It can happen to any working Canadian at any given time."


Paul Sowden
St. Marys Chairperson CAW Local 222

       "The CUT repudiates the attitude of Votorantim and hopes the immediate return to negotiations without preconditions. We can't believe that a Brazilian multinational company sch as Votorantim wants to increase its profits by removing workers rights to have a decent retirement. Its authoritarian behaviour and its anti-union practices will only reinforce our ties of solidarity. The CUT reaffirms its commitment to the struggle of our Canadian brothers and sisters. I would like to thank the membership here in Bowmanville for having the courage and tenacity to stand up and defend the pension plan that's been in place since this facility opened in the late 1960's."


Chris White
CAW Local 222 Retiree

       "When this was owned by a Canadian company there weren't all these labour disputes, you know they reached fair agreements. Fair work for fair pay and workers knew that they had a pension at the end of their time in the plant. Now this corporation, this corporation from Brazil wants to break the union, wants to break the spirit of the workers and I think it's an absolute disgrace."


Stephen Moses
CAW Local 1000

       "Whatever it takes we need to get politicians involved. The entire labour movement needs to be involved in this undertaking to secure workers pensions, not just union workers but workers in general. When someone gets to that age, they need to know that their pensions are secure."


Christine Connor
CAW Local 414 President

       "We've been lobbying the government for months now and we're going to continue that and hopefully they can make some legislative changes and we can get everybody back to work."


Jeannie Bourgon
CAW Local 2163

       "Come on, let's get real and let people work. They want to be here. They want to earn their money. They want to do what's right for themselves, their families and everybody else. It's all they're asking for."


Ken Lewenza
CAW President

       "I say to the management folks here in Canada and extend that message to Brazil, get back to the bargaining table. Show your employees of St. Mary's Cement the respect that they deserve."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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