CAW Supports the Fight to Ban Asbestos

May 12, 2010

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CAW Supports Fight To Ban Asbestos

CAW Supports Fight To Ban Asbestos
dated May 12, 2010

Ottawa, Ontario
May 12, 2010

Ottawa, Ontario
May 12, 2010

Pat Martin
NDP MP Winnipeg Centre

       "Asbestos is the greatest industrial killer the world has ever known. More Canadians now die from asbestos that all other industrial causes combined yet Canada continues to be one of the second or third largest producers and exporters of asbestos in the world."


Sari Sairanen
CAW Health, Safety & Environment Director

       "We're here today in Ottawa, asking, demanding the government ban the export of asbestos internationally and to stop its mining in Quebec, have a transition program for the few workers that are left there so that they can either retire with dignity, or for the new generation to have jobs that they can have in their own communities. It's time that this federal government bans asbestos."


Bob Blakely
Dir. Of Affairs For Canadian Building Trades

       "The truth is in this country every day a Canadian worker dies of Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos."


Lucie Bechard
Widow Asbestos victim

       "My husband was 35 years old when he died of Mesothelioma. He worked 11 and a half years at Bendix Automotive where they manufactured brake shoes. My brother-in-law died five years ago. Of the same thing. He worked at Kelsey Wheel in Windsor."


Sandy Kinart
Asbestos Victim Widow Sarnia

       "In November and December of that year my brother-in-law and my friend were diagnosed. They died in July the following year 2003. A week a part. My husband Blain died one year later. When he died he weighed 80 pounds. He looked like he had come from the death camps."


Mike Bradley
Mayor of Sarnia

       "Over a decade ago we asked the federal government to stop the export of asbestos to third world countries. And since then, that government refused to respond and successive governments have taken the same position. Our message is really clear. No one should give up their life for employment. And if we care about that in our own country then why would we blemish Canada's image around the world by exporting this death."


Hassan Yussuff
CLC Sec. Treasurer

       "As the widows and victims of the asbestos-related disease are dying we can not silence the voices in our own country as you can around the world. I think our unification, to continue to speak out and make it very clear that our tax dollars and our federal government have a moral and a legal responsibility, given what we know about this disease, to take all necessary steps. Mr. Charest may not accept that but the reality is that if Quebec wants to defend its good name around the world it will do the right thing, politically it will do the right thing. This is no longer a debate about science. This is a debate about politics and the political will of our country and our leaders and I think we have momentum on our side."


Sari Sairanen
CAW Health, Safety & Environment Director

       "I implore everyone to talk to their MPs and ensure that when it comes time for provincial election, or federal elections to ensure that your politician that you are voting for has a clear understanding of banning asbestos."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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