The Curious Case of the Missing Recovery (February 2010)

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Join Lieutenant Stanfordo (CAW Economist Jim Stanford) as he attempts to find out what has actually happened to Canada's supposed economic recovery.

In The Curious Case of the Missing Recovery, Stanfordo searches far and wide for answers to a mystery that continues to baffle hard-working Canadians. How can the federal government and Bank of Canada proclaim an economic recovery when hundreds of thousands of workers are still jobless, and millions are still reeling from one of the worst downturns since the Great Depression?

This case takes Stanfordo through various workplaces hit hard by the global economic crisis. Stanfordo visits a closed mattress factory in Brampton, Ontario that has left workers out of a job and with no access to severance pay; the headquarters of a bankrupt telecommunications giant that has left its pensioners hanging on a string; and a workplace action centre struggling to find good, stable jobs in the community.

The Curious Case of the Missing Recovery is full of mysterious twists and frightful turns... until of course Stanfordo realizes there really is no mystery to solve, since an economic recovery hasn't yet happened.

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