Stress: The Workplace Hazard

The intent of this course is to give leadership/activists the awareness of the hazards of workplace stress.  What we are trying to accomplish in a week is to develop actions, solutions and strategies to eliminate or at least significantly reduce workplace stress as a health and safety hazard.

The main focus will be on workplace topics such as work time, workload, job insecurity and labour management relations.  From there we need to develop a plan of action towards developing strategies and solutions.  We need to also look at identifying what workplace stress is vs. an individual one; however we will put the focus on the workplace.  To establish the paradigm to implement our own definition of workplace stress, a stress policy and workplace procedures into future collective agreements, to campaign to have legislation on stress to be recognized as workplace hazard and have workers compensation begin to accept claims towards workplace stress as compensable and recognized as an injury to disease.

There are many stressful challenges we face as union members and as human begins.  At the same time, there are also different approaches that could change or eliminate some of these stressful situations or events.  This course will look at how we can change rather than just cope with the issue of stress in the workplace.