Teachers Protest Update

November 4, 1997

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Teachers Protest Update
Teachers Protest Update
dated November 4, 1997

Teachers Protest Update
The Ontario government has failed in its bid to force the province's 126,000 teachers back to work through a court injunction. In his ruling against the government's request for the injunction, Mr. Justice James MacPherson stated;

"In my view [the Attorney- General's] motion is significantly premature. Moreover, the appropriate forum for deciding if the teachers have violated the School Boards and Teachers Collective Negotiations Act is the forum provided for in that act- The Ontario Labour Relations Board."

The news brought cheers from the protesting teachers manning the picket lines and boosted their morale. In support of the teachers the CAW members continue to join them on the picket lines. Several locals are using vans to bring the teachers hot coffee, and the national office has run ads in various newspapers in support of the teachers protest.

To meet the need for childcare while the teachers' protest is on, the CAW has set up temporary childcare centers in a number of communities.

In Windsor, for example, spaces for over 600 children ranging in age from 4 to 12 have been set up in CAW union halls and other labour organizations' facilities. The centers are open to both union members and the general public. Each childcare centre is staffed with qualified personnel.

Earl Dugal
CAW Local 195
The way it has been set up today is we have an E. C. E., which is an early childhood educator along with some support staff. For every ten children, there is going to be at least one E.C.E. and then after that there would be support staff working with the E.C.E.

The CAW National Executive Board has extended a line of credit from its strike fund to the Ontario Teachers Federation, to assist them in their fight against the Harris government, if the teachers are in need of it. National President Buzz Hargrove says the government should recognize the overwhelming support the teachers have from the public and with draw the offensive parts of Bill 160 for further discussion. Ethel LaValley, vice-president of the OFL and a member of the Common Front, called on union members, parents and the general public, to show their support for the teachers at a rally at Queens Park on 1 p.m. Saturday, November 8th.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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