Windsor Day Of Action

October 8, 1997

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Windsor Day Of Action
Windsor Day Of Action
dated October 8, 1997

Windsor Day Of Action

In September over 30 thousand people marched in protest against Ontario Premier Mike Harris in his hometown of North Bay. They vented their anger against the Harris government's cut backs on funding of education, healthcare and other social programs, and its wholesale changes in labour legislation.
Windsor, Ontario

To the south, in Windsor, organizers are gearing up for a much larger turnout on October 17th. The Windsor Day of Action protest march will start from two rally points, Windsor Stadium and the University of Windsor Athletic field and make its way to here, Dieppe Park, in the heart of downtown Windsor.
While labour leaders are playing a key role in organizing the Day of Action, it is much more than just a labour protest.

Gary Parent,
CAW Local 444
Co-chair Windsor Day of Action

"What's happening here is that the media is trying to portray us as just that. Obviously Harris wants it portrayed that this is just a labour issue, that it's a bunch of labour people that are protesting against his government which is not the case, definitely there are labour issues that obviously we want changed as well but when you look at our health care system that has been under attack and when you look at this community that had 25 million taken out of its hospital budget and you have people that have had to go public and tell about tragedies that have happened in their particular lives over the last two to three weeks I think that's shameful for the province of Ontario one of the richest provinces in this country to have to have those types of stories."

The Day of Action office in Windsor is filled with volunteers from all sectors of this community of 300,000 people.

It's tremendous this community always seems to come together and this issue is no different. We have had business people, we have had business people we have had obviously those from the poorer areas of the city join with us. We've had obviously the labour movement of course, teachers, public sector workers, there isn't a sector that hasn't volunteered to be part of this day of protest, that I say has already affected our city in some many ways.

The volunteers are working the phones and the reaction they have been getting from the public has been extremely supportive. This campaign to rally people from all walks of life and political persuasions under the banner Ontario, Yours to Recover is working.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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