Strength In Solidarity

September 23, 1997

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Strength In

Strength In Solidarity
dated September 23, 1997

Strength In Solidarity

A series of recent labour disputes across Canada has proven that CAW membership is ready to fight for their rights. Whether it's workers at IMP Aerospace in Halifax or hotel employees at the Delta-Besborough in Saskatoon, the decision to strike in order to make gains never comes easy. The workers draw their strength from their union.

Peggy Nash,
Assistant to CAW National President

"I think that it's a frightening thing, to make the decision to go on strike; to realize there's no alternative. But once they do that and get past that fear and they go on strike action and see that they were able to win by taking that action; I think they gain a courage that the company can't take away and they know for the future, if need be, they can take that action again."

The workers at the Delta Besborough Hotel , members of CAW Local 4278, who were far behind in wages and benefits, hit the bricks for a week. The result, an enormous improvement in their collective agreement.

Further west, the members of CAW Local 3019 were on strike for a single day at the Westmin Resources mine on Vancouver Island. The members won a combined wage and benefit increase of more than 10 percent during the life of the contract. The company, for the first time, also agreed to improve pensions for retirees. The last set of negotiations three years ago at Westmin, resulted in an 18-month lockout.
The struggle continues for members of Local 2215 ,who have been on strike at IMP Aerospace since late August.
The 432 members of Local 1995 at Reynolds- Lemmerz in Collingwood walked off the job on September13th, to back demands for wage, benefit and pension improvements. The company supplies aluminum wheels to General Motors and Ford.

Peggy Nash
Assistant to CAW National President

"By fighting back and winning, no matter what kind of victory you get, but just the act of fighting back, place like PC World, Delta -Besborough, Westmin. Etc. it tell people that is an alternative and there's hope."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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