Free The Children

March 12, 1998

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Free The Children
dated March 12, 1998

Free The Children
Child Labor has to end and a group of young Canadians are fighting back to make it happen. A dozen young activists from Canada are in India taking part in the Global March Against Child Labour.

Erin McGinnis
16 year old, Regina Sask.
"I think I will be shocked coming back because I will realize what we have and that we don't realize everyday that we have hot water and we have television and you don't realize that not everybody in the world has all these things. And when I come back I think that I will realize that you can live without those things."

Angela Goulet
17 year old, Cumberland Ont.
"Being able to see it and experience it first hand what they go through. Knowing that I can change their lives as well as them changing my life. It gives you a different outlook on your life in general."

15 year old Craig Kielburger is the leader of the mission and is an old hand at being a child labour activist. Three years ago, he first went to India and confronted Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien regarding the need to link human rights and trade. Kielburger wants people of all ages to get involved

Craig Kielburger
15 year old, Toronto Ont.

"The first thing is to educate yourself. Contact us, we are more than happy to send you tons of information on the issues. Write letters to companies asking them are your products free of child labour, are you paying workers just wages so that their children in turn don't have to subsidize their income."

The The young people put together education kits to distribute while they are in India. The two-week journey will take them to Calcutta, Delhi and Madras. In Calcutta they will speak to a rally of over 50,000 people from 700 different organizations. .

Craig Kielburger
15 year old, Toronto Ont.

"With Advocate for Free the Children because we are mostly young people involved with the organization in fact we're all young people involved with the organization. They brought us down to show how youth, through other cultures, can relate with the young people there and support them in their efforts."

The lessons they learn in India will be applied when they return and start preparing for steps in the Global March Against Child Labour to be held in 25 cities across Canada this spring.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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