Michael Moore - The Big One

March 26, 1998

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Re-Open CN Contract
Michael Moore - The Big One
dated March 26, 1998

Michael Moore - The Big One
He became the cult hero of the working class with his documentary film Roger and Me then a TV icon with a short lived network series TV Nation. Michael Moore endeared himself to the CAW membership during the lengthy strike at GM Canada in the fall of 1996.

He chose to launch his new book, "DOWNSIZE THIS", a stinging yet humorous indictment of how corporate greed is killing the working class of North America, in the middle of intense negotiations between the CAW and GM.

Moore broke the tension of the bargaining that day, poking fun at both management and labour. His book made it to Time Magazine's best seller list. Eighteen months later, Moore was back again with the CAW. This time with a movie, "The Big One" about the book tour.

Author / Film Producer

"For an hour and a half they are going to be very entertained. It's very funny and I hope the film is going to feel like it's one for our side. If you've spent the last few years being downsized or afraid of being downsized, you are working two jobs in order to survive, this film is a film where you are going to sit there and go "yeah go get them".

Released through Alliance Pictures, The Big One allows Moore the opportunity to turn the tables on corporations who closed plants with little consideration for their workers.

He gave Downsizing awards to embarrassed receptionists, 65 cent checks to company presidents, reflecting the hourly wage of Mexicans who replaced laid-off American workers. He even challenged the chairman of Nike Footwear to build a factory and donate money to his hometown of Flint. Moore's bargaining performance prompted this comment from CAW National President Buzz Hargrove.

CAW National President
"Michael Moore is a wonderful film maker and an incredible author. Don't ask him to do any bargaining on your behalf. As you will see in this film, he will screw up the bargaining every time. He could have got a lot more, I know, more than a few thousand dollars he did get out of this."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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