Getting Ready For Day of Action #10

April 10, 1998

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Re-Open CN Contract
Getting Ready For Day of Action #10
dated April 10, 1998

Getting Ready For Day of Action #10
On May the 1st thousands of people will gather here at Montebello Park in Saint Catharines in the Tenth Day of Action against the Harris government.

Ed Gould
CAW Local 199
Labour Co-chair
"We're hoping tens of thousands of people, and that will be the biggest rally that this community has seen in a long time. In fact we have messages now that our American brothers and sisters will be joining us. Its possible that this could be one of the biggest rallies that this region has ever seen."

Throughout the month of April on almost a daily basis there are pre Day of Action events planned, including the rededication of memorials throughout the Niagara Region; like this one in downtown Saint Catharines; to workers who have been killed on the job. The support for the Day of Action comes from a broad cross section of society.

Linda Rogers
Community Group Co-chair

"It's really a privilege to have that co-operation between labour and social action groups as we have here in the community. We're right on the border, we look across to the US and we know that what we have got here is something unique in terms of cooperation between labour and community groups."

On May 1st the protestors will form up here in the parking lot area behind the St. Paul street stores and march to Montebello Park through downtown Saint Catharines.

Linda Rogers
Community Group Co-chair

I would just like everyone to get involved and to send a letter or a fax of support or come on out for May the first and make Mike Harris listen to what the people of Ontario. We want decent health care, we want decent education, we want good paying jobs, we don't need Bill 7 we don't need Bill 99, these are things that were not asked for and were certainly not talked about during the election.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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