North Korean Famine Relief

April 22, 1998

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North Korean Famine Relief
dated April 22, 1998

North Korean Famine Relief
The CAW has taken a leadership role in the North Korean Famine Relief Campaign with a $100,000 donation. Hilary Mackenzie, a journalist who has just returned from North Korea spoke to the CAW Council following that announcement.

Hilary Mackenize
I was absolutely thrilled that the launch of this major fundraiser that the first people to come in was indeed the CAW. It was absolutely fantastic, and the fact that it was matched and all the extra money will be matched is terrific compliment and indeed to everybody who was here, to be the first off the mark.

Buzz Hargrove has called on all CAW members to donate the money they would spend for food in a day, to the campaign. For every dollar the CAW donates, the Canadian government will donate four dollars.

Years of crop failures as a result of droughts in some years, and torrential rains in others, has cut food production to one third that necessary to feed the nation of 36 million people. "

The united Nations has called for a major famine relief effort.

The German Red Cross estimates that 10,000 children in North Korea are dying each month along with thousands of elderly people.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

They have described a problem, it's now up to us to provide a solution and we can, if we take a serious effort in this. We can sincerely be part of the solution in North Korea, so I want to urge everyone to support the recommendation and get back home and do the work immediately.

The campaign was endorsed unanimously by the council. Cheques should be sent to CAW National Secretary-Treasurer; made out to "CAW North Korean Famine Relief Fund".

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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