CAW Prevent Cancer

May 8, 1998

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Re-Open CN Contract
CAW Prevent Cancer
dated May 8, 1998

CAW Prevent Cancer
The CAW is intensifying its fight to remove cancer-causing chemicals from the workplace. In a national campaign, the CAW is urging all of its members to get involved.

Cathy Walker
Director, CAW Health, Safety & Environment Department

"We're hoping to use this campaign with all the CAW health and safety activists to get rid of carcinogens from the workplaces. It won't be easy but it is an important step forward. What we also want is for our workers compensation activists to submit WCB claims on behalf of the membership and for our environmental activists to make the link between workplace carcinogens "

The CAW Council has endorsed the Prevent Cancer Campaign. The four key goals are;

  • Identify carcinogens in the Workplace;

  • Insist Carcinogens be removed, replaced with less hazardous materials or at least enclosed to reduce the hazard.

  • Ensure wider support by informing the community of all hazardous wastes and air emissions; and

  • Submit WCB Claims for all members with work related cancer.

    It is important for people who have already contracted cancer, or for people who remember people who have died because of as a result of cancer in the workplace, to come forward and put in claims to the various provincial workers compensation boards, so we've got a record of people who have actually had their health affected. I think that is a very important first step.

    CAW Local 2301 at the Alcan plant in Kitimat BC, spent more than two decades fighting to get WCB recognition of work related cancer injuries. To date they have succeeded in getting 22 cases officially recognized.

    Rick Belmont
    President CAW Local 2301
    Alcan, Kitimat B. C.

    "The important thing is you don't let up, and that was proven with our battle to get bladder cancers recognized in the smelter. We didn't let up. We had to sink a lot of money into it but we finally got it recognized by the WCB and that's what you have to do, you have to work at it hard and not let up."

    CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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