Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

December 18, 1998

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Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders
Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders
dated December 18, 1998

Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders
Through a series of youth workshops at union locals across the country, the future leaders of the CAW are discovering why fighting back can make a difference.

Bob Orr
CAW Education Co-ordinator

"They want to know if fighting back makes a difference. We have a lot of demonstrations, a lot of activities, a lot of campaigns and they really want to know that it makes a difference, and that they can make a difference. We have taken this time to highlight some of the things, some of the successes we've had through the fighting; whether it be the bargaining with General motors, going into the Oshawa plant or whether it be with Canadian Airlines and holding out and resisting. I think that they have taken hold of the point that when you do resist, you do make a change and without that everyone gets driven down."

These young people gathered at the CAW local 27 union hall in London. They spent two days weekend watching educational videos, listening to CAW retirees and taking part in group discussions on why the union is important and the role they have in the union.

Sandy Bell
Training & Communication Co-Ordinator
London & District Labour Council

"Tell it like it is, give them some personal stories about what's happening to workers around the country. Let the see what the governments are doing. Explain why, get them thinking critically about why these things are happening and once the light goes on, they're angry enough to work and to help out"

The 5th CAW Constitutional Convention in Vancouver set a goal of increasing activism among youth and nurturing leadership talent for today and for the future. This series of youth workshops is part of that initiative and it is working.

Sherry DeVries
CAW Local 27

"I can go back to the place where I work and say we need to do this, we need to do that; to get people involved, to get them out there speaking, get more union and less company kind of thing. Everybody a union but they'd rather support what the company's doing than what the union wants to do and all the union is trying to do is make their life better and they don't understand that."

Brad Wales is new to the labour movement. He was recently elected shop steward. The workshop has given him a better appreciation of the need and the strength of union solidarity.

Brad Wales
CAW Local 27

"In order for it to be a success, we have to work together. If you want to fight back, you can't fight as one; you have to be unified. And if they are not going to come out and support their union, than why are they there. Are they there just for the paycheck? Maybe, but without the union they don't have anything else."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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