Taking Action For Our Pensions, A Public Forum With Area MP's

Toronto, Ontario

February 11, 2010

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Taking Action For Our Pensions, A Public Forum With Area MP's
Taking Action For Our Pensions, A Public Forum With Area MP's
dated February 11' 2010

Toronto, Ontario
February 11, 2010

Toronto, Ontario
December 5, 2009

Marie Clarke Walker

       "When we talk about pensions it is a social safety net. It was a chance to ensure that no Canadian retires in poverty. CPP has helped. Don't get us wrong it has helped. But after over 50 years it needs a change."

Andrew Jackson
CLC Director of Social Economic Policy

       "When we're talking about doubling the Canada Pension Plan, what we want to do is go from 25% to 50% of average earnings. And we're realistic. We recognize that cannot be done overnight. We know that the CPP is very low cost. It's portable you can count on it and it's indexed to inflation. So I'll just stand up saying in our view the best option is doubling the CPP."

Kyuak Chan
CAW Local 112 Retiree

       "I retired only two months ago. I find out it's very very hard for me to keep on daily live because the pensions are not sufficient for us to live on."

Maurice Coulter
Executive Chair CAW Local 112 Retirees

       "I have relatives who have worked thirty years for a trucking company and no pension. So I want to fight, not only for unionized pension workers but all pension workers."

John McCallum
Liberal MP

       "I totally agree with Andrew and others who have said the Canada Pension Plan is a highly efficient way for people to make their investment. And the record of the Canada Pension Plan investment board has been good and so it is an efficient and cost effective way for people to save for their retirement."

Gord Vickers

       "Don't you think in this day and age, were in 2010 now we should be addressing pensions. The people who worked for 40 years and god bless them, at the end of the day have nothing to show for it."

Andrew Lennon

       "I want to know why specifically the Liberal party finds it problematic to double the CPP as the CLC is proposing. Why aren't you accepting that proposal?"

Ken Dryden
Liberal MP

       "I think that we're in a very tricky moment here of where the message of the day and the tone of the day works against all of these things that we are talking about. And unless that kind of discussion and debate starts to change. Unless the tone starts to change, then one can have all the greatest proposals and programs and the rest and there not going to end up anywhere."

Mike Clancy
CAW Local 112 Retiree

       "I'm here to fight for my pension because I'm really afraid of what Stephen Harper is going to do to all the pensions in Canada"

Wayne Marston

       "In June of last year we put out an NDP opposition day motion on pensions. And it laid out pension insurance. It talked about the things that we had to do. The doubling of CPP. That passed unanimously. It doesn't change law but it was a road map that the members of parliament and the house of commons agreed to."

Sherry Hillman
Financial Secretary CAW Local 112

       "So we need to advocate on behalf of all Canadians who depend on pensions for a bit of dignity in their retirement"

Peggy Nash
Assistant to CAW President

       "We are fully 100% behind the Canadian Labour Congress pension campaign. We think it's an excellent campaign and we believe that this is the way forward that will protect retirement security for seniors today."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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