Ways of Fighting Globalization

Quebec City

August 22, 2001

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Ways Of Fighting Globalization
Ways Of Fighting Globalization
dated August 22, 2001

Quebec City

       The fight against the right wing agenda of globalization has reached a new stage, one that demands new approaches and new politics. Two speakers at the Canadian Auto Workers 6th Constitutional Convention told the delegates that the time to get involved is now. NDP MP Sven Robinson who is leading the New Politics Initiative said the majority of people are looking for a new political party to fight the right wing agenda.

Svend Robinson

       "The corporate elite and their defenders will sing Hallelujah the day the left abandons party and state politics. That is exactly what they want. And that brothers and sisters that is where the new politics initiative or the NPI comes in. What it is, is an attempt to build a new political party in Canada. A party that will fight to rollback corporate power. It will challenge corporate dominated political machines, that understands that politics is a hell of a lot more than just elections and focus groups, that practices participatory democracy, that supports the day to day struggles of Canadians in their communities, their workplaces and in the streets in solidarity with labour and social movements. A party that is not afraid to tackle the loss of democracy head-on. That supports peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience as an honourable means of challenging unjust laws."

Jaggi Singh, the student protestor who was jailed just prior to the Summit of the Americas for three weeks, told the delegates that activists must get the attention of the media to get their message across to the public.

Jaggi Singh
Student Activist

       "I want to end on a modest message of hope. Hope that we will continue to break down the barriers that divide us. Hope that there will be more opportunity for honest and frank talk between us. Hope that words like direct action, radical or anarchist will become an accepted and welcomed part of the struggle, our collective struggle and hope that we will continue to maintain genuine solidarity, both in the face of our real enemies, and in building a new and just future."

       CAW National President Buzz Hargrove applauded Singh's activism but added a word of caution in regards to violence.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "We'll be there shoulder to shoulder as long as people are out there protesting that, but you lose us, you lose us and this movement when you start saying that violence and destruction are part of that answer. So thank you very much for your message today and take away a message of solidarity and struggle from the Auto Workers union."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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