CAW Victory Over Buhler Versatile

Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 18, 2001

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CAW Victory Over Buhler Versatile
CAW Victory Over Buhler Versatile
dated July 18, 2001

Winnipeg, Manitoba

       The CAW has won another battle in its campaign for justice for the 251 workers at the Buhler Versatile plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Manitoba Labour Board has found Buhler Versatile guilty of "bargaining in bad faith" and ordered Canada's only agricultural tractor manufacturer to provide back pay to the workers who walked off the job on November 3rd of last year.

Dale Paterson
CAW Area Director

       "The good news for our membership and the employees at Buhler Versatile is the Board also ordered that the strike be undone, for an ease of term, and that effective from November 3rd, 2000 to March 26th of 2001, that the employees are to be made whole and they are to be compensated by the employer for the time lost as a result of the strike that commenced on November 3rd , and, as well, the loss of any employee benefits they may have been entitled to such as vacation pay, such as pensions, such as any benefits that should have been in place from that point forward."

       The ruling calls for the immediate resumption of negotiations between the Union and Buhler Versatile.

Scott McLaren
CAW Local 2224
Bargaining Chairperson

       "As the ruling has said we will be doing everything we can, on our behalf, to come to a collective agreement. Now, regarding Mr. Buhler's comments in the media, I don't think he really wants to deal with us. He doesn't like being ruled against. He says he doesn't have the money, which we know is not true, but I think we'll continue on to try and get our people back to work. And if we don't come to that resolution in the near future then the Labour Board will rule something to that effect on our behalf."

Len Rausch
CAW Local 2224 President

       "I'm optimistic that we can get back soon. Our guys have been out for eight and half months now since November 3rd of last year. It's not nice walking the picket line, although the weather is not too bad now, but in the wintertime it was terrible. Families are starting to lose their cars and homes and stuff. The quicker we can get back, the better it will be for all the members and their families."

       While CAW Local 2224 is willing to resume negotiations and return to work immediately, it is continuing its case to the Labour Board over the illegal lockout of the workers on March 25th. That case will be heard starting August 27th.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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