Accu-Fax Picketed

Streetsville, Ontario

June 20, 2001

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Accu-Fax Picketed
Accu-Fax Picketed
dated June 20, 2001

Streetsville, Ontario

       Accu-Fax professional strike breakers who have used intimidation tactics at strike sites throughout Ontario including the seven month strike at Falconbridge in Sudbury got a taste of picketing first hand when several hundred demonstrators picketed out in front of the unmarked Accu-Fax head office in Streetsville Ontario just west of Toronto.

Rob Boyer
Fight Back committee
CAW Local 199

       "What this is really, is a demonstration of the public, of everyone involved, students, trade unionists. Everyone is here for one reason and that's that building right over there. The house of horrors. It's the Accu-Fax building ."

       Organized by the CAW Flying Squads the demonstration gained support from a broad spectrum of unions including the Steelworkers, CUPE, CEP, along with the Canadian Federation of Students and other activist groups.

Barbara Abrams
CAW Retiree

       "These goons have no business going on picket lines and intimidating our workers. The people who are on strike are on strike because of what they believe in and what they believe in for people who are coming up, and when these people are hired as goons to go and intimidate our strikers. That's wrong."

Irene Harris

       "There is no room in Ontario for Accu-Fax. There is just no way that an Accu-Fax group should be allowed in here and be given full right to do anything they want under the laws set by the Ontario Conservative government. Mike Harris and his cronies in the cabinet have to be told that that's just not on. There is no way for strike breaking and for scabs in this province."

       Steve Watson of the CAW national office says its time the Harris government brought back the Anti-Scab law.

Steve Watson
CAW Flying Squad Liason

       "The simplest provision that would put this place out of business would be an anti-scab law, such as what British Columbia has, such as what Quebec has, such as what Ontario had between 1993 and 1995. You could have industrial disputes waged on the issues that they should be dealing with not on the question of property rights or violence. Those things wouldn't enter into it if we had an anti scab law."

       The fight against Accu-Fax and every other strike breaking company is continuing. Union and activist flying squads are committed to manning the picket lines whenever strike breakers are called in.

Bob Van Cleef
CAW Local 707
Flying Squad activist

       "Its time that we get active and go back to our work place and say: "you know what we need you to do is rally around with us. We have a thing we call the flying squad. It's not some big, bureaucratic thing. It is grass roots. It's you getting active with me. And we go out and we help somebody else."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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