WTO & Police Condemned

Toronto, Ontario

December 3, 1999

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Retail Wholesale Canada Union Joins CAW
WTO & Police
dated December 3, 1999

Toronto, Ontario

The CAW Council has condemned police violence against peaceful demonstrators at the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle and the WTO itself. The council called for the disbanding of the WTO, which regulates global trade and protects the interests of multinational companies.
Former CLC president Bob White, who was in Seattle when the WTO met, told the Council that the demonstrators from labour and environmental groups, along with the general public were demanding input on the issues and protection of human and environmental rights.

Bob White
Former CLC President

We are saying that if there is a country that continues to violate workers rights, or violate child labour, and we investigate that through the ILO or whatever body, and that country doesn't decide to move towards changing that, then by God we should do the same as we do when they violate intellectual property rights. We should be able to put sanctions on and that country has to move towards fixing that."

CAW President Buzz Hargrove also condemned the police action against the peaceful demonstrators in Seattle comparing it to the police violence against the APEC demonstrators in Vancouver.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

"Our government on their own doesn't have an enviable record, as a federal government, on the rights of working people, the rights of the poor and others. But by God, this is another chance for us to take a situation that was deplorable, and launch a major campaign to ensure that protesting and raising these issues becomes the norm, as opposed to something that police feel is an isolated incident that they can beat back with their Billy clubs and tear gas and pepper spray."

The CAW Council delegates unanimously endorsed a condemnation of the police violence and called for the WTO to be dismantled.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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