Retail Wholesale Canada Union Joins The CAW

Port Elgin, Ontario

November 1, 1999

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Retail Wholesale Canada Union Joins CAW
Retail Wholesale Canada Union Joins CAW
dated November 1, 1999

Tom Collins
RWC, Canadian Director, Assistant to the CAW President

"The results are as follows; in favour 81 delegates representing 20,929, against 8 delegates representing 1,680 members. The merger with the auto workers is approved."

Port Elgin, Nov 1, 1999

With the announcement of the vote outcome, the Retail Wholesale Canada union leadership officially merged its twenty three thousand members with the CAW. Prior to the vote, Retail Wholesale Canada president Tom Collins recommended the merger to his leadership gathered at the CAW Family Education Centre in Port Elgin

Tom Collins
RWC, Canadian Director, Assistant to the CAW President

"Fundamentally I think the dream is of a lot of people and I think it is going to be accomplished, maybe as example through this merger, is that there will end up in Canada one very large union that is Canadian and that represents a cross section of jurisdictions of all workers. And if this kind of thing can work and we believe it will it can work for anybody in this country that wants to belong to a Canadian Union."

CAW national president Buzz Hargrove termed the merger a win-win situation.
Buzz Hargrove

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

"It brings us enormous expertise and power in dealing with these employers both in terms of organizing where they have the expertise and bargaining where they have much more experience than our people do. They bring with them a tradition of struggle and fight and they are ready to challenge the employers and we are elated to be part of this and being able to support them as we move to the future."

CAW organizing director Paul Forder says the Retail Wholesale Canada workers merger sends a strong message to other workers in Canada, both the organized and the unorganized.

Paul Forder
CAW National Director of Organizing

"The CAW offers a whole host of services to people. It is a Canadian union, it's a strong union, it's a financially secure union. It has the best of education programs and this is a powerful message. These members came to us because they needed a better deal. They needed people to be sensitive about their industry, about their culture, about their traditions. They found that in the CAW and that makes us all stronger."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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