Hotel Saskatchewan Lock Out

Saskatchewan, Alberta

May 31, 2001

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Hotel Saskatchewan Lock Out
Hotel Saskatchewan Lock Out
dated May 31, 2001

       The 132 members of Canadian Auto Workers Local 4274 are continuing their fight for decent wages and benefits as their employer; the Hotel Saskatchewan, continues to stone wall negotiations.

       The hotel is offering a two per cent wage increase in each year of a three-year agreement. Kien To, a limo driver for the hotel who makes $8.75 an hour, says the hotel's offer doesn't even cover inflation.

Kein To
CAW Local 4274

       "The cost of living, I believe, between March and April has gone up to 3.6 per cent. At two per cent I'm out 1.6 per cent just right there and I didn't include the energy price is going up, the gas price, everything is going up and it's just not good."

       The workers are asking for an eight per cent increase over a two-year contract. They also want the kitchen staff to a share in the banquet gratuity.

Dawn Shaw
CAW Local 4274

       "Every banquet function that takes place is charged an automatic 15% gratuity and 50 per cent of that goes to the management and the other 50 per cent goes to the banquet staff including the banquet manager. And so what we want is ten per cent of that gratuity to go to the kitchen staff who prepares the food, does the dishes, cleans up the function hall."

       A key issue for all the Local 4274 members is the lack of sick benefits which forces them to work when they are sick, because they can't afford to have their pay cut.

Rachel Weinbender
President CAW Local 4274

       "It is only in the guests' best interests as well as ours to have a few paid sick days a year. It doesn't benefit anybody to come to work sick. We have the potential to make some of the guests sick and the service is just not the same if you are coming to work sick and a lot of people feel obligated to come into work when they are sick because they can't afford to lose a day's pay."

       Meanwhile the fight continues with the 132 CAW members maintaining the picket lines outside the Hotel Saskatchewan, while the 71 non-unionized workers and management inside attempt to provide services to the hotel guests.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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