Earth Day 2001

Port Colborne, Ontario

May 14, 2001

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Earth Day 2001
Earth Day 2001
dated May 14, 2001

Port Colborne Ontario
May 8, 2001

       A Canadian Auto Workers union educational outreach program during the weeks surrounding Earth Day on April 22 has brought awareness of the need to protect the environment to 50,000 high school and elementary students across Canada.

       One of the CAW health, safety and the environment activist teams, from CAW Local 199 in St. Catharines, Ontario, used native Canadian heritage to dramatically bring the importance of environmental activism to light, for the students at the Lakeshore Catholic Secondary High School in Port Colborne, Ontario.

Alex Latham
CAW Local 199

       "How can you make a difference? By doing the utmost by recycling, conserve energy and save water, use efficient transportation and by only buying products that are the least harmful to our environment. Your actions and your ideas can be the dream catchers that will restore the delicate balance in the earth's ecosystem. Then we can look forward to the day when our rivers, lakes and oceans will be able to sustain an abundance of life when our air will be breathable and our land will grow healthy. We want you to become the dream catchers with a vision for the hazard-free workplaces and communities. The type of environment that promotes the health of the earth the sustains us all. Remember the earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth."

       Jamie Smith, one of the CAW Health and Safety reps at the GM plant in St. Catharines said the response from the students has been very encouraging.

Jamie Smith
CAW Local 199 Health & Safety Rep

       "There were environment committees that helped us from each high school. They were very excellent as a matter of fact. Most of the kids were responsive, asked us questions and came to speak to us and related to some of the issues after the presentation."

       Earth Day materials developed by the CAW were provided to the students to broaden their understanding of the need to stop environmental pollution both from a personal level and through environmental activism.

Alex Latham
CAW Local 199

       "We have to work together. We have to stop the polluting. You can go down many roads and look in many streams and oceans and waters all over the world and see pollution. And it didn't grow. We put it there and if we don't stop it and if we don't work on it today there may never be a tomorrow."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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