Day Of Mourning 2001

Oakville, Ontario

May 2, 2001

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Day Of Mourning 2001
Day Of Mourning 2001
dated May 2, 2001

Oakville, Ontario
April 28, 2001

       Across Canada Workers and citizens stopped what they were doing and took time to pay homage to those workers who had been killed on the job. Flags flew at half-mast and people gathered at memorials such as this one in front of the Public Library in the heart of downtown Oakville, Ontario.

Alan Paquette
Chair Oakville Assembly plant, CAW Local 707

       "The public knows about what we are trying to do here. And they give it the same recognition as Remembrance Day for our soldiers that went to war to fight for freedom. That same type of significance has to be given and it is growing. Maybe it doesn't get enough publicity but I think it has to. And the more and more we have these days, and the more publicity that we achieve, it will be recognized by society as a whole."

       The need for increased public awareness of the number of workers killed and injured in the workplace is of paramount importance according to retired CLC and CAW president Bob White, who compared workers who are killed on the job to police officers slain in the line of duty.

Bob White
Retired CLC & CAW President

       "I think it is about time in this country, that when a worker is killed on the job, that we ought to be able to shut the workplace down and workers can also go somewhere and mourn the death of their fellow workers."

       Erika Casperson's father was electrocuted and died on the job in a steel plant in Hamilton on April 28th, 1990. Her father went to work one day and never came home. She challenges every Canadian to make sure the tragedy that struck her family does not occur again.

Erika Casperson
Father killed on the job

       "Health and safety I believe is the responsibility of each and every one of us. So let's not become complacent, for life is much to precious to sacrifice for the sake of a paycheck."

       The Day Of Mourning is a day set aside to honor those killed, maimed and injured on the job. But the fight to ensure such tragedy does not occur again is a 365-day-a-year job.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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