Shipbuilding Cards Delivered

Ottawa, Ontario

June 2, 1999

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Shipbuilding Cards Delivered
Shipbuilding Cards Delivered
dated June 2, 1999

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Needs a Shipbuilding Policy. That was the message on 150 thousand post cards delivered to Parliament Hill, along with resolutions passed by 180 communities, demanding government action to save the shipbuilding industry.

Les Holloway

"With this type of support, and this type of grassroots support from ordinary Canadians, from the support of the employers and the unions, that all the political parties that are in opposition in the House of Commons, that in fact, the Canadian Government can't continue to ignore the thousands of workers that are out of work because of their inactivity."

The leaders of the three unions involved, the Marine Worker Federation of the CAW, the Federation de la Metallurgie Inc.CSN, and the Shipyard General Workers' Federation of British Columbia, were joined by members of all four opposition parties.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National Pres.

"It is an important industry in every country around the world where shipbuilding takes place. There's only one difference. Canadian shipbuilding workers, highly skilled workers, are unemployed because of the lack of government commitment and understanding of this industry."

Trade Minister John Manley promised a shipbuilding policy six years ago. The opposition parties are demanding he finally take action.

Peter Stoffer
Nova Scotia NDP MP

"It's unbelievable that in '93, Manley said we're going to do this and in '99 he's done absolutely nothing. If fact, if Mr. Manley is not willing to do anything soon, we'll be asking for his resignation on this policy alone; because it is absolutely a sin what he is doing to my people in Nova Scotia, and in New Brunswick and clear across this country."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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