Summit of the Americas

St-Hyacinthe, Quebec

April 23, 2001

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Summit of the Americas
Summit of the Americas
dated April 23, 2001

St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
April 20, 2001

       Bus loads of Canadian Auto Workers traveled to Quebec City to confront the politicians attending the Summit of the Americas. Rallied by CAW National President Buzz Hargrove the night before the protest, the members prepared for the worst.

Quebec City, Quebec
April 21, 2001

       A two hour drive into lower Quebec City, the CAW members joined with over 35,000 other union members and activists to protest the Summit of the Americas and the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. With the smell of tear gas in the air, the peaceful protest march made it's way along a four kilometer route away from the fenced in Old Quebec City.

Michael Hinton
CAW Local 1285

       "I believe the government representatives ought to represent those that elect them rather than some corporate baron who is sitting in a chateau making decisions that affect our basic life and that's why I'm here today"

Don Pallas
CAW Local 1285

       "I feel strongly about free trade. I believe that it will allow these corporations to have their way and god help us, we'll be destroyed."

Corinne Canuel
CAW Local 1990

       "I want to improve my work conditions and the FTAA is the worst way to improve my work conditions. And I want a good work condition for my son."

Mike Kelly
CAW Local 1520

       "I came here today to help the people who can't help themselves. There are a lot of voices that aren't heard out there and we are here for them."

Kathy Glenn
CAW Local 88

       "My job is on the line as well as any other auto plant, suppliers, manufacturers you name it!" 

       Many of the CAW protestors wanted to go to the wall and confront the authorities.

Ron Gibson
CAW Local 1520

       "This fence is really an affront to me. I think it is an affront to all Canadians. We just can't let them to continue to do those sorts of things and get away with it. " 

       Some CAW protestors did leave the parade route and made it to the wall.

Darren Heidt
CAW Local 1520

       "The police up there are provoking the kids. They are perpetuating the violence."

Andy LaRocke
CAW Local 397

       "People were sitting down, holding up peace sign. Sitting down and they were still shooting in the tear gas. "

       The Summit of the Americas has ended, but the fight is far from over for the protestors who made the journey to Quebec City.

Tod Jolicoeur
CAW Local 200

       "We're all here to save the jobs of this country and for the third world countries that are struggling for all workers, that is the main objective of why we are here. And I know that they did hear us today."

       As the union protest march made its way through the streets of Quebec thousands of students joined the march in solidarity with the workers in the fight against the Free Trade Agreement.

Carol Phillips
Director CAW International Dept.

       "The turn out is far larger than anyone expected and what's great about it is the fact that it reflects the people's frustration with the Free Trade agenda that is going on and the government had better be listening, because the fact is the people are here protesting peacefully to show they can do it that way, but there are also other ways of doing it."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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