National UI Protest

Toronto, Ontario

February 12, 1999

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National UI Protest
National UI Protest
dated February 11, 1999

Toronto Feb 5, 1999
Across Canada unemployed workers and unions protested the unfair management of the Unemployment Insurance program by the federal government. Pickets went up at the constituency offices of Liberal MP's

Linda Torney
Pres. Labour Council, Toronto & York Region

"We chose Art Eggleton's office for this demonstration because of all people as an ex mayor of the City of Toronto, he should know what workers have been going through in this city as a result of the government cuts to the UI fund.
In Toronto only 24 % of the unemployed will qualify for unemployment insurance. We all know workers and their families who have been forced onto welfare, into poverty and onto the streets because of the cuts in UI."

The demonstrators want the federal government to restore UI coverage to at least 70 per cent of the unemployed and increase coverage to at least 60 per cent of weekly wages.

Susan Spratt
CAW National Rep.

"The government has confiscated 25 billion dollars of unemployment benefits to balance the government books for programs that have absolutely nothing to do to UI. We say to you Mr. Eggleton today, and from this day forward to every single person, you better in the next budget, restore benefits to unemployed people or God help you with the wrath of the workers in this country."

In some cases, demonstrators took over t MP's offices in an effort to bring the Liberals to the table. Representatives of the Toronto UI Action Coalition, including CAW members occupied federal Transport Minister David Collenette's office.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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