CAW Christmas Convoy Arrives

Sudbury, Ontario

December 21, 2000

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CAW Christmas Convoy Arrives
CAW Christmas Convoy
dated December 21, 2000

Sudbury, Ontario

Two tractor trailers, loaded with presents for the children of the 12 hundred CAW Mine Mill and Smelter workers on strike against Falconbridge, rolled into Sudbury.
       With the help of 100 volunteer members of CAW Local 598 Retirees the presents were quickly off loaded and ready for the arrival of Santa.

The truck loads of toys, worth over $25,000, were donated by CAW members in Southern Ontario as part of their support for their brothers and sisters at Local 598.
       Over two thousand CAW members and their families turned out for the Christmas party put on by the Retirees Chapter

       The early arrival of Santa and the presents brought some sense of joy to the 900 children whose parents have been on the picket lines since August.
       Local 598 president, Rolly Gauthier welcomed the happiness this brought to the children but he still has one Christmas wish he hopes will soon come true.

Rolly Gauthier,
President, CAW Mine Mill, Local 598

       "I'm hoping that the company finds the wisdom, the faith and the need to get back to the bargaining table so that we can achieve a collective agreement as quickly as we possibly can."

       CAW locals and members, across the country have been contributing to the strike fund in their support their brothers and sisters in Sudbury.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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