World Women's March in Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario

October 19, 2000

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World Women's March In Ottawa
World Women's March In Ottawa
dated October 19, 2000

World Women's March In Ottawa

Ottawa, Oct. 15th
       As part of the World Women's March 30 thousand women marched through the streets of the nation's capitol. A contingent of CAW women led the way from one of the three marshalling areas. Their purpose was clear.

Cheryl Kryzaniwsky
Dir. CAW Women's Dept.

"There are about 5 to 600 CAW women here today, so I am just part of the CAW delegation, raising our collective voices on the issues of poverty and violence against women."

Elaine White
Local 1285

       "I see so much going on, out in society, with violence and we need to put a stop to it."

The massive number of women taking part in the World Women's March brings back memories of the start of the Women's Movement in the seventies.

Mary Lee
Local 2213

       "It means we're gathering strength and that the belief that the Women's Movement is ending is not true. In fact, I think it's getting stronger and stronger."

Cheryl Kryzaniwsky
       "We haven't seen that many women together since the start of the Women's Movement in the seventies.

I feel this resurgence of women, lots and lots of young women, it's kind of like we've lost a generation of women and now we are getting them back and I think that is going to mean a lot for women's equality and women's issues. We're really going to be able to push the agenda forward."

       The arrival of the World Women's March in Ottawa couldn't have been timed better and the women taking part, see this as a wake up call for all the political parties.

Tracey Sims
Local 444

       "With the election about to be called I think that this is an important time for women to bring their issues to Ottawa so our voices can be heard. So that it can send a real message. So that they know we have demands and we want them met."

Cheryl Kryzaniwsky

"We are 51 % of the vote and we are going to raise our collective voices and unless we see issues like raising the minimum wage so that women can get out of poverty, and a national child care program, those parties are not going to get our vote."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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