Vancouver/Victoria Transit Strike

Vancouver, B.C.

April 9, 2001

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Vancouver/Victoria Transit Strike
Vancouver/Victoria Transit Strike
dated April 9, 2001

Vancouver B.C., April 4, 2001
       The transit workers in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. are fighting the same battle they won back in 1984, the battle against the use of part time workers and contracting out.
       Len Ruel, CAW Area Director, said the 3,800 members for CAW Locals 111, 2200, and 333 are determined to make sure they don't suffer the fate of transit drivers in Calgary, Alberta.

Len Ruel
CAW B.C. Area Dir.

       "That Calgary dispute is all about the introduction of part time in the early 80's and which today they have more part time than they do full time. That's what we know will happen here."

       The strike by Local 111 and 2200 has shut down transit service in Vancouver and the Sea Bus service to Vancouver Island.
       In Victoria, Local 333 has shut down the operation of the Crown corporation B.C. Transit.
       As traffic congestion builds in both cities, so does the determination of the workers for a fair deal.

Len Ruel
CAW B.C. Area Dir.

       "Concessions must leave the table. Once the employers decide to withdraw those concessions, again as we said, we are prepared as a bargaining committee and we have a mandate to do so from our membership to conclude a successful collective agreement."

       Don MacLeod, chair of the Bargaining Committee for CAW Locals 111 and 2200, said the demands by B.C. Transit in Victoria and Coast Mountain in Vancouver for concessions must be withdrawn.
       He said the members of locals 111 and 22 hundred, who voted 98 per cent in favour of strike action, would accept nothing less.

Don MacLeod
CAW Locals 111 & 2200 Bargaining Committee Chair

       "There is solidarity and this membership will not accept concessions. We're on the street now and we will stay on the street as long as we have to achieve a fair agreement with no concessions."

       In the meantime, other unions and many members of the general public have rallied behind the transit workers in their fight to protect their full time jobs.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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