Air Canada Canadian Airlines Agreement

Toronto, Ontario

March 31, 2000

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Air Canada Canadian Airlines Agreement
Air Canada Canadian Airlines Agreement
dated April 3, 2000

Air Canada Canadian Airlines Agreement
Toronto, March 30, 2000
The leadership of both CAW locals at Air Canada / Canadian Airlines International has overwhelmingly endorsed a tentative agreement with the company. The contract will extend the current collective agreement to March 27th, 2004 and includes the current wage increase of 3 % in 2001, with new increases of 2.5% in 2002 and another 2.5 % in 2003; and guarantees no layoffs or involuntary relocations from their base during the life of the contract.

Tom Freeman
Pres. CAW Local 2213

"It was very important in this round that we did secure employment security for our members in both groups until the year 2004.
There's going to be voluntary severance packages and wages increases. And we've finally come to grips with a vehicle to deal with our seniority problem, which is a problem for all unions in both airlines and all sectors. So we have a vehicle that we both agree to resolve the issues. We're very pleased and our leadership has overwhelmingly agreed to support and recommend the agreement to the Air Canada members of the CAW."

Anne Davidson
Pres. CAW Local 1990

"What our members will see is stability and job security for the next four years, something they haven't been able to look at for many years.
There will be no layoffs or relocations for the life of that agreement to 2004."
"They will have wage parity with Air Canada and will see significant wage increases.
There are some tough times ahead for them as well because in order to get those wage increases we've had to make significant changes to our collective agreement."
"On our side there are work rule changes that are very near and dear to our members hearts that they will not see in the future."

Local 1990's leadership overwhelmingly endorsed the tentative agreement.
Finding a fair and equitable way of dealing with seniority as the two airlines merge operations was a key issue.

Gary Fane
CAW Director Transportation

"The arrangement we have with our two locals is real clear. Two separate lists. Nobody loses a thing. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets injured. So we don't plan on going to arbitration for a while. Only if the employer, only if Air Canada screws around our members then we will have to face that issue and have an arbitration. Now the employer had offered their hand in good faith that they are not going to do that. Our seniority resolution is based on no body loses anything, everybody keeps what they have now. Put no layoffs for four years in that puzzle also, our members will be much more secure."

The agreement now goes to the membership for ratification. The vote will be carried out over the next two weeks, with the final tally announced on April 16th.

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