Kangaroo Court SEIU Style

London, Ontario

March 31, 2000

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Kangaroo Court SEIU Style
Kangaroo Court
SEIU Style
dated March 30, 2000

Kangaroo Court SEIU Style
London Ontario, March 21, 2000
Despite a feeling that the whole procedure was a farce, members of eight SEIU locals in six communities in Ontario attended hearings into the International union's take over of their locals. In London members of SEIU Local 220 felt the deck was stacked against them and the outcome predetermined.

Tom Campbell
Local 220

"It's a Kangaroo court. I mean the International has put it on and we don't have any say in there. As soon as we say something negative they'll throw us out."

The former elected SEIU local leaders who were replaced by the International union's trustees failed in their efforts to get an unbiased arbitrator.

David Eales
Former President SEIU Local 220

"We did write them and ask them to appoint an independent arbitrator to be the hearing officer. They refused. They are using their own people so that pretty well tells us that the decision is predetermined."

The SEIU International also tried to prevent the members from bringing in presentation materials but then relented. They also tried to block the members from having their own counsel at the meeting with them but then relented. The news media and film crews however were told to leave.
The hearing officer has until late May to decide whether the trusteeship was justified. Before that, other actions before the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the courts will probably make the decision irrelevant.
With almost 11,000 members voting to continue the fight to join a Canadian union the outcome is more a matter of "when" they will succeed in joining the CAW.

Tom Campbell
Local 220

"I believe we are Canadian first and we want to disaffiliate and they should let us have that vote legitimately."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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