SEIU Members Want to Join CAW

March 21, 2000

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SEIU Members
Want To Join CAW
dated March 21, 2000

SEIU Members Want To Join CAW
March 21, 2000
The overwhelming majority of SEIU members in eight Ontario locals support their elected leaders move to leave the Washington based international union and join the CAW. On March 2nd 10,000 SEIU members across Ontario voted 98.2 per cent in support of their former leaders' actions to leave the American based union.

Sandra Siciliana,
Local 268

"We are going to show the SEIU that we are not interested in the American part of it anymore. The CAW is Canadian based and as Canadian people, we know what we want."

Ashima James,
Local 210

"We want Canadian representation. It's great to be part of a global organization but when it comes to hard core issues it's always nice to be represented by your own country and the ethics that are held within your own nation."

The International union used an interim court injunction to prevent the members from officially voting to disaffiliate. That brought an angry response from the members.
The media and telephone campaign launched by the American based union further enraged the members.

Edwina Bascombe-Buhnai
Local 777

"Is it because they think that we don't show up for meetings that they can write us letters like this. Where do they think they are coming from? Do they think we are fools at Sunnybrook? Well it's too bad they can stick it. We are all going to vote for CAW. This is a long time coming."

Valerie Walter
Local 210, Windsor

"I'm here today to show my support for the move to the CAW and also to send a strong message to our International that the workers will have their say. We will have our vote and we will be joining a Canadian union."

The SEIU members are determined to join the CAW, and the CAW is committed to supporting the democratically elected leadership of the eight local unions, in their fight for their right to determine their own future.

Ken Brown
Former SEIU Int'l Vice president

"It is only a matter of time before we have our vote and win a Canadian union for our members."

The fight is continuing through the courts, the Ontario Labour Board and through organizing drives with the bargaining units as their contracts become open.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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