Mozambique Relief Needed


March 9, 2000

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CAW SEIU Merger Decision
Mozambique Relief Needed
dated March 9, 2000

Mozambique February 2000
The devastation of Mozambique by floods and cyclones has left that impoverished African nation reeling in desperation. In response to the tragedy, Canadian Auto Worker union locals and members have stepped forward to offer assistance.

Carol Phillips
Dir. CAW International Dept.

"We've already had phone calls here at the national union from leadership in the local unions, from individual members who want to be able to help. We're going to make sure, once again, that we are able to consolidate all of that need for helping out, and make a difference."

Donations are being accepted by the CAW national office through it's Social Justice Fund.
Carol Phillips recently returned from Mozambique where she saw first hand the devastation caused by the flooding.

Carol Phillips
Dir. CAW International Dept.

"The situation that we found in Mozambique was extremely difficult with flooding and malaria, cholera, victims who were still stranded on tree tops and buildings waiting for help to arrive. A country that was extremely poor to start with and now hit by massive flooding over the last number of weeks and two cyclones and possibly a third one on the way, they're in big, big trouble."

Julie White, President of CAW Local 27, also just returned from Mozambique. She wants CAW members and the general public, to apply pressure on Ottawa to help the people of Mozambique.

Julie White
Pres. CAW Local 27

"I think, as individuals, Canada has donated some money and made some pledges. But I think what you can do now is get on your phone, and call your MP's, and tell them that you support Canada being involved in the rescue effort and the aid effort in Mozambique."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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