CAW Joins Tuition Fee Flight

Toronto, Ontario

February 11, 2000

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Retail Wholesale Canada Union Joins CAW
CAW Joins Tuition
Fee Fight
dated February 7, 2000

CAW Joins Tuition Fee Fight
Toronto, Feb. 4, 2000
The CAW has joined Canada's university and college students in their fight against escalating tuition fees. Taking part in the students' national day of protest against both levels of government, CAW National President Buzz Hargrove called for an end to tuition fees.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

"I want to join Joel and the student movement in this country to say to the Harris government and the Chretien government that tax cuts is not what we need, we need support for education especially, get rid of tuition fees in this country."

Speaking to thousands of placard carrying flag waving students who marched on Queens Park in Toronto, Joel Harden, Ontario Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students demanded immediate action to cut tuition fees rather than taxes.

Joel Harden
Canadian Federation of Students Ont. Chairperson

"A tax cut means an attack on social services. And a tax cut means money from the bottom to the top and all your wealthy friends and the corporations who back your government. We're not fooled. We know the numbers. We know what a tax cut means. Don't give me a tax cut, give me a tuition cut and give me it now!"

The Access 2000 Campaign to reduce tuition fees and introduce a national grants system for students is being waged by across the county by the Canadian Federation of Students. Hargrove says the student's fight is the CAW's fight as well.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

"A lot of our members are parents of students who are impacted by this incredible tuition and the increases that they have had over the past few years.
"This isn't happening by chance. It doesn't have to happen. We are producing more wealth than at any time in the history of our nation yet we are turning away from most people who are most important to our future, that's the youth. Our parents and grand parents fought to insure that these kids didn't have to scramble as they did and we have got to fight to turn the clock back and get education up onto the top of the agenda of government where it should be."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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