Rally Launches Anti-Scab Campaign

London, Ontario

November 20, 2002

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Rally Launches Anti-Scab Campaign
Rally Launches Anti-Scab Campaign
dated November 20, 2002

London Ontario
November 16, 2002

       Despite the freezing cold and snow CAW members from across Ontario converged on the now vacant LPI security offices in London, Ontario.
       Bob Chernicki, assistant to CAW president Buzz Hargrove said it's time the province re-instated the labour laws which outlawed the use of scab labour.

Bob Chernecki
Assistant to CAW National President

       "Here we are standing in the middle of the winter again protesting against a government that won't listen. We have Don Milner who, on June 24th, that tragic morning, those of you who were there knows what I am talking about. These goons from LPI, these goons aren't about security. They are about intimidation. They are about bullying our picket line people, and as a union we are not going to put up with it."
       "What's our focus today? Yes it's about LPI and goons like them. It's also about demanding our right to picket without violence."
       "It's about our right to go to a bargaining table and not be intimidated by people like LPI or corporations that bring them in to kick the hell out of our picket lines."

       CAW members from as far away as Sudbury rallied behind the demand for anti-scab legislation. They were encouraged to take the fight to the ballot box, in the next provincial election, by NDP MPP Peter Kormos.

Peter Kormos

       "It's never wrong to fight for better wages. It's never wrong to fight for better pensions. It's never wrong to fight for safety in the workplace. It's never wrong to fight for what's right and by God you're fighting right now for what's right. You're going to win and the scabs and their bosses are going to lose. We're going to restore Ontario to what it has been and what it should be."

       Rick Kitchen, Vice President of Local 127 in Chatham echoed the call for political action across the province.

Rick Kitchen
Local 127

       "Go back to the locals. Talk to the members. Demand that when we go to the ballot box we elect a government that's going to institute labour legislation for the workers not for the corporations."

Following the peaceful rally the CAW members canvassed door to door throughout the neighborhood and spoke with the residents, explaining the need for an anti-scab law to protect workers. Many of the home owners didn't know that LPI was located in their neighborhood. Similar rallies are planned for where ever companies like LPI set up shop.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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