GM Picked as Target for 2002 Bargaining

Toronto, Ontario

September 6, 2002

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GM Picked as Target For 2002 Bargaining
GM Picked as Target For 2002 Bargaining
dated September 6, 2002

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "So after a lot of consultations, a lot of thoughtful input and discussion it gives me a great deal of pleasure as national president of the Canadian Auto Workers Union to announce that the General Motors workers have been selected to lead the bargaining in 2002."

Sept. 5, 2002

       With those words the Big 3 auto bargaining for 2002 moved into high gear with job security, shorter working time, wages and benefits topping the list of union demands. While this is the first time in 18 years General Motors has been the target company in the bargaining talks, CAW National President Buzz Hargrove says that did not have any influence in picking GM.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "Our union makes the decision on where we think we can get the best agreement for our members and their families with the least amount of sacrifice that covers off the key priorities issues for the target company, but also the issues that are so important to the other two companies."

       Mike Shields, chair of the CAW/GM Bargaining committee made a promise to the Ford and DaimlierChrysler workers.

Mike Shields
Chair CAW/GM Bargaining Committee

       "It is our intention to get the best collective agreement for our members, for their families, for our communities as a whole. It's our commitment to get an agreement that you can take back to your membership as a pattern, and to be as proud of it as we were to take back the agreements that you negotiated in 1996 and 1999."

       Meeting with the General Motors bargaining team following the press conference Hargrove explained why GM was chosen.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "It was not an easy decision. But the fact that there has been an incredible improvement in the relationship with General Motors, both at the local level, at all locations, as well as the national level. We've had on going dialogue with the top of General motors Corporation."
       "We came to the conclusion that we can do this here. The operations are good. We don't have a lot of grievances here to complicate the system."

       The bargaining is now underway in earnest. Armed with a 97 per cent strike mandate, the CAW has given General Motors until Midnight September 17th to reach agreement or have their workplaces shut down.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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