CAW Hosts ITF 40th Congress

Vancouver, British Columbia

August 14, 2002

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CAW Hosts ITF 40th Congress
CAW Hosts ITF 40th Congress
dated August 14, 2002

Vancouver, B.C.
August 14, 2002

       The International Transport Workers' Federation's 40th Congress was opened in Vancouver, British Columbia with a Talking Stick Ceremony by the Vancouver Island native Salish community. The talking has focused on the threat of global capitalism.
       CAW national President Buzz Hargrove, host and keynote speaker at the ITF Congress, told the delegates that unions and global solidarity are the keys to safeguarding the rights of workers and the underprivileged around the world.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "Brothers and sisters when you look at what's happening politically around the world today I would argue that political parties are important to all of us, but I am coming more and more to the conclusion that unions are the vehicle for working people to make progress and we must continue to build strong, independent unions that are willing to fight. And we must join in coalition with those who are fighting this idea that globalization only benefits the wealthy and powerful in our societies around the world."

       British Columbia Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair told the nearly one thousand delegates the negative impact of corporate globalization can be overcome.

Jim Sinclair
Pres. B.C. Federation of Labour

       "I think if we focus on what we believe in, not just supposing what is going on in the world and what's happening to working people, but really reinforcing the dream, that we can build a better world. That there are alternatives to what we see happening, to war, poverty and that if we learn to do solidarity better and expand our solidarity, then we too will turn over to the next generation of trade unionists a planet, and a workplace and a home worth celebrating."

       CAW Secretary Treasurer Jim O'Neil, who serves as a director of the ITF, said hosting the Congress has paid dividends in understanding.

Jim O'Neil
CAW Secretary Treasurer

       "I think, for us, for the very first time it gives our leadership an opportunity to relate to other unions around the world on the transportation problems that not only they face here in Canada but elsewhere around the world."

       The Congress has endorsed Globalising Solidarity and has urged its delegates to strengthen and expand unions around the world.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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