CAW Ship Building Protest March in Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario

May 28, 2002

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CAW Ship Building Protest March In Ottawa
CAW Ship Building Protest March In Ottawa
dated May 28, 2002

       Canada's ship building workers took their fight back to save their industry to the steps of the Peace tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa May 22nd. The message was clear and simple.

       "We want work! We want work! We want work! We want work! We want work! We want work!"

       Speaking for the CAW national office Bob Chernecki said saving the ship building industry is not a matter of politics, it's a matter buying what Canadians build.

Bob Chernecki
Assist to CAW National President

       "This is a non partisan issue. This is about a country. This is about building a ship building industry for this country. Who is going to do our procurement? Who is going to build our warships? Who's going to fix our supply ships? Norway? Japan? China? Damn it we're going to build them. We did over the years. That's our work and we are going to fight like hell to keep it."

       Some of the opposition parties joined the protest and vowed to carry the fight to the government. PC MP Elsie Wayne.

Elsie Wayne

       "Don't give up! Don't let go on this government! Don't stop until we get that shipbuilding policy from coast to coast for this country."

       Federal NDP leader Alexa McDonough.

Alexa McDonough
NDP National Leader

       "Our message to the federal government today and our question to them is "What are they doing to do their part to ensure a ship building future for this country and the jobs in the proud ship building industry that has been recognized world wide as one of Canada's industrial strengths."

       Leader of the Bloc Quebecois Gilles Duceppe

Gilles Duceppe
Bloc Quebecois Leader

       "They said during the election that they were coming with the policy for you people, and the policy they are offering is to close your jobs, to finish the industry. Unacceptable! We can't accept that."

       Steve Southall of CAW Local 1 in Halifax said the government has to start supporting ship building instead of shutting down the industry.

Steve Southall
CAW Local 1 Halifax

       "Our government is selling us out for horse meat and mustard seed. They want to lift the 25 per cent tariff on supply vessels, on ships being built outside of Canada for horse meat and mustard seed and that's disgraceful."

       The federal government's promise to compensate the billionaire Irving family, millions of dollars, for shutting down their Saint John New Brunswick ship yard, shows their lack of concern for working Canadians, said Terry O'Toole, CAW Local 3 from Newfoundland.

Terry O'Toole
Local 3 St John's

       "They sit up here in this ivory tower like a bunch of aristocrats looking down on a bunch of peasants and that's how you are looked at. And this government has become so arrogant, and so complacent, because they have been here so long."

       The CAW is continuing its fight back to get the federal government to live up to its promises to support the growth of the ship building industry in Canada.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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