Downsview Plant In Running For New Bombardier Jetliner

Toronto, Ontario

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Downsview Plant In Running For New Bombardier Jetliner
Downsview Plant In Running For New Bombardier Jetliner
dated December 21, 2004

December 17, 2004
Toronto, Ontario
       As 2005 approaches the 2,800 workers at the Ontario DeHaviland Bombardier aircraft plant in Toronto are continuing their push to win a new "C" Series Bombardier jetliner contract. On December 17th, local Toronto politicians, along with CAW president Buzz Hargrove and secretary-treasurer Jim O'Neil, met with plant management. Hargrove was encouraged by what he saw.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "I'm very impressed with the management team. They know what they are doing. They have a good presentation and they are committed as we are to try and get the project into Downsview."

       Following a tour of the Downsview facility, Toronto Mayor David Miller threw his enthusiastic support behind the bid and said he had already been in touch with both federal as well as provincial politicians.

David Miller
Toronto Mayor

       "To walk in there and see a plane that's going to be flying in the Middle East that was built here, and the one behind it flying to England that was built here, it made me proud to be mayor and we're with you. We'll do everything we can to make sure the "C" Series comes to Toronto."

       CAW Local 112 has launched a $100,000 campaign to convince both levels of government and Bombardier to assemble the new "C" Series jetliner in Downsview. CAW Plant Chair Bob Hamilton says the effort is paying off.

Bob Hamilton
Plant Chair
DeHaviland Bombardier

       "We came from virtually having no chance to get any part of the "C" Series just a few short months ago to where we are today, where we believe we have a real chance."

       To pave the way for the bid Local 112 president John Kennedy said the workers negotiated a new agreement with Bambardier.

John Kennedy
President CAW Local 112

       "We made major concessions, major changes and I guess we did it for the future of this plant. We sacrificed in a lot of areas including our benefits. We get no wage increases for three years, we kept our cost of living allowance but we gave up language that has been entrenched in this collective agreement."

       The Province of Ontario has already submitted a support package bid and Bombardier is expected to make its decision by the end of February. In the meantime Hargrove says public and politcal pressure is critical.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "I'm just concerned that we are going to lose out on this new, strategic and incredibly exciting project, the "C" Series of jets, if the Ontario government and the federal government don't recognize Ontario, the same as Quebec recognizes the importance of the aerospace industry.
       So I wanted to make sure that we are all focused on trying to get the kind of financing from our governments that Quebec gets from its government to ensure that at least we're on a level playing field."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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