Pan-Canadian Strategy Key To Aerospace Future

December 1, 2004

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Pan-Canadian Strategy Key To Aerospace Future
Pan-Canadian Strategy Key To Aerospace Future
dated December 1, 2004

       The Canadian Auto Workers union has called on the federal and provincial governments to join forces to save the Canadian aerospace industry, by developing a national aerospace strategy.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President
       "We should use the strengths of Canada, our resources, by pulling all the provinces together to put a bid on the table for the "C" series program of Bombardier, as opposed to having Quebec and Ontario competing, trying to get the basic manufacturing or assembly of the airplane. We think we are much better off if we put together a Pan Canadian proposal that has all provinces involved that want to be in the aerospace industry saying "we'll put in some money and some resources."

       Rod Jones Executive Director of the Ontario Aerospace Council applauded the CAW's action and endorsed its call for a national aerospace industrial strategy.

Rod Jones
Exec. Dir. Ont. Aerospace Council

       "Creating this national strategy involving all the stake holders is extremely well considered and highly constructive and we hope that the message is well heard by our colleagues on the government side at both the provincial and the federal level."
       "Certainly the notion of trying to work together on a Pan Canadian basis to tackle that challenge is absolutely the right approach."

       CAW's economist Jim Stanford, author of "Staying Aloft: A sector Strategy for Canada's Aerospace Industry", told a press conference in Toronto that the global aerospace industry is recovering. An example is the planned "C" series jetliner by Canada's leading aircraft manufacturer Bombardier. He warns however that Canada could miss out.

Jim Stanford
CAW Economist

       "There is no guarantee that Canada will be part of that upswing unless we have an aggressive, pro-active strategy to make ourselves part of that upswing and the "C" series would be the beginning of that."

       Hargrove said winning the Bombardier "C" Series assembly and component work for Canadian companies will say a great deal about Canada's aerospace industry.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President
       "The message you send to the aerospace industry around the world is that Canada is a place that knows what it is doing, it wants an aerospace industry and it is willing to invest in ensuring that it has a major part of the world's aerospace industry. The spin offs of getting this thing done and done right are enormous."

       In Ontario, CAW locals have launched a post card campaign to back the call for government action according to CAW Local 112 Chair Bob Hamilton.

Bob Hamilton
CAW Local 112
       "From the Ontario, Dehavilland Bombardier perspective there is urgency and we call upon the Premier of Ontario to step up and get involved and become a partner in this new "C" series jet."

       While Hargrove is encouraged by the governments' initial reaction, he stressed the need to continue to apply pressure on the politicians in order to make a Pan Canadian Aerospace Strategy a reality.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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