CAMI Ratifies Deal on The Promise Of A New Product

Ingersoll, Ontario

September 20, 2004

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CAW Labour Day 2004
CAMI Ratifies Deal on The Promise Of A New Product
dated September 20, 2004

Ingersoll, Ontario
       After three years of uncertainty the 1,700 workers at the CAMI plant in Ingersoll have a better future to look forward to thanks to a new contract and a promise of a new product for the plant.
       Despite the fact that the plant is working at one half its capacity and 95 workers are on layoff, CAW Local 88, bargaining chairperson Kevin Brooke told the workers at a ratification meeting in London Ontario, that the bargaining committee fought off concession demands from the company on healthcare and won parity with the Big 3 pattern including full pensions and a three per cent wage increase in each year of the 3 year agreement.

Kevin Brooke
Local 88, Bargaining Chairperson

       "In 2001 in the pension, we gave the employer relief on the 30 and out clause because of the time we were in and now we have fixed that and we have a full pension and wages, vacation and everything is there as pattern, so we are very happy about that."

       The Production workers voted 84 per cent for the deal while the skilled trades voted 68 per cent in favour. Peter Kennedy, assistant to CAW Secretary-Treasurer Jim O'Neil said the ratification ensures the company will go ahead with a $100 million US investment to bring a new product to the Ingersoll plant.

Peter Kennedy
Assistant to CAW National Sec. Treasurer

       "One of the key things of this agreement is that it positions CAMI very, very well for the future, for a new product and hopefully a lot of good years of success. It has been lean for the past couple of years but we have the Equinox, which is a very, very good vehicle under the Chevy badge and we are very optimistic with this announcement of future investment that we are going to get another product in there and not only will we have everybody called back to work but we will be hiring 600 new people and that is great news."

       John Scanlan, CAW National Rep. said the union also won support for the apprenticeship program at CAMI despite the high price tag.

John Scanlan
CAW National Rep.

       "It is a very expensive program, approximately a quarter of a million dollars per apprentice and we were able to maintain the number nine which we have estimated will cover the attrition during the life of the agreement. Plus for the first time ever the skilled trades in this facility will have access to the CAW Skilled Trades Education Program at Port Elgin."

       The agreement calls for CAMI to update the plant in 2005 with production of a new vehicle to begin in 2006.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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