CAW Honours International Women's Day

Toronto, Ontario

March 5, 2002

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CAW Honors International Women's Day
CAW Honors International Women's Day
dated March 5, 2002

Toronto March 2, 2002
       In small gatherings and large, in marches and special events around the world, the music and words of Bread and Roses marked International Women's Day.
       Peggy Nash, Assistant to CAW National President, Buzz Hargrove, urged people to remember women's past achievements and to continue the fight against violence and for women's rights.

Peggy Nash
Assistant to CAW National President

       "We have the ability through collective bargaining to sit down with that employer every three years and try to grab some of that power back. And we do that. We do that as a union better than anybody else. But we can't be isolated. We are part of a community and that is why we have to join with other women and fight in the total community, because we don't want to just be okay and there are women on the street who can't get housing, who don't have social services, who are being discriminated against. We want to make sure that we join with all women and fight for a fairer society."

       Prior to joining the International Women's Day march in Toronto, Julie White, CAW Director of Women's Programs, stressed the changing role of women within the CAW.

Julie White
Director CAW Women's Programs

       "Thirty percent of the members in our union are women and that is going to change the Canadian Auto Workers Union. Women have made some great changes. We bring a different voice to the table. We demand different things and our union responds to them."

Oshawa March 3, 2002
       In Oshawa the men of Local 222 took over the role of serving food at the International Women's Day Breakfast. And despite the confusion in the kitchen, willing hands and smiles served the hundreds of women.
       Local 222 president, Mike Shields, says the men are honored to be part of the celebration.

Mike Shields
CAW Local 222 President

       "It is just a great celebration. We get to acknowledge some of the achievements of the pioneers in our union. And it is an opportunity for some of the young women, not only those in our union, but in the community as a whole, to see where we were, to see where we are and to see where we want to get to."

       The breakfast and events like it across the country help build momentum in the fight for women's rights according to Kathie Fowler, President of the Eastern Women's Network.

Kathie Fowlie
Eastern Women's Network President

       "I want the women to take away the knowledge and the wisdom they are going to get from other women that are here today. I want them to take away the empowerment that is meant here today. To realize there are sisters here that can support them and can help them and that we can make a difference, that women united can conquer what they set out to do."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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