ADM Strike Against 60 Hour Week

Windsor, Ontario

January 30, 2002

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ADM Strike Against 60 hour Week

ADM Strike Against 60 hour Week
dated January 30, 2002

"Greed, greed, greed, greed, greed, greed, greed"

Windsor January 30, 2002
       Labour from southwestern Ontario rallied in support of the 93 CAW Local 195 members on strike against ADM Agri-Industries in Windsor. Plant chair Shawn Hayes.

Shawn Hayes
ADM Chair

       "ADM, U.S. taking advantage of Canadian legislation, that's why we are out here fighting 60 hours a week. (crowd "shame, shame." ) That's what you guys are going to be fighting for, because it is going to affect all of you, not just me and ADM, but every unit, every union."

       The Ontario Conservative government's so-called voluntary 60-hour work week law, set the stage for ADM to try and force the union to agree to work in excess of 60 hours a week. The labour movement got the message loud and clear that this fight involves everyone. Gary Parent, President of the Windsor and District Labour Council.

Gary Parent

Pres. Windsor and Dist. Labour Council

       "If we continue with this strike, be prepared, because it is not going to be Windsor and Essex County labour people that are going to be here. There's going to be a call for all labour across this province to be on this picket line."

Alex Keeney
Pres CAW Local 200

       "ADM better get the message that the labour community and this community will not back down. We will support the workers. We will support the strikers for as long as it takes. We will make sure that workers don't go God damn broke because of their greed, and we'll support you until this strike is over, one day longer than they are prepared to last sisters and brothers."

Paul Edwards
Pres. CAW Local 1973

       "This fight isn't just for themselves, it's for every worker in the province. To insist that they should think about working 60 hours a week is ridiculous. I brought my daughter with me tonight because this is about family. This is about kids."

       Despite the snow, supporters rallied at the picket line including CAW retirees and members of the general public.

Ken Lewenza
CAW Auto Council President

       "What we have got to do is send a message today that seven weeks is enough. This is about bargaining in bad faith. This is about bargaining and assuming that the membership is weak and will be broken. We join with Alex Keeney in sending out a message to these 93 members, " You won't starve. You won't go without as a result of this strike. This labour community will come together like never before."

       While the bargaining committee is determined to negotiate a deal, other action including a boycott of ADM suppliers is also underway.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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