Ford Truck Plant Closing

Oakville, Ontario

January 18, 2002

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Ford Truck Plant Closing
Ford Truck Plant Closing
dated January 18, 2002

Oakville January 11, 2002
       The 1,400 CAW workers at the Ford Truck plant in Oakville are determined to fight to save their jobs. Ford Motor Company announced the closing of the Oakville facility as part of a restructuring program.
       CAW Local 707 leadership says the decision to close the plant doesn't make sense.

John Teixeira
Chair Ford Truck Plant

       "How can Ford justify closing the plant that is the second most efficient plant that they have in the system, with a dedicated work force that they have. They have shown that over the years but to no avail. It is very, very sad for me to report that we are losing 1,400 jobs."

Paul Huddart
Pres. Local 707

       "The corporate strategy doesn't take into effect the productivity and the quality that the Ontario Truck plant has been building. We can't understand that for the life of us."

       The closing is part of Ford's decision to cut 12,000 jobs from their worldwide operations.

Frank McAnally
CAW National Rep

       "They are not closing the plant because it is unproductive, or wages are too high or benefits are too high, none of that. Their supposed rationale is to take volume out of the system and again as far as we are concerned, it is not "right sizing", it is "wrong sizing" because where they are taking the volume from is the wrong place."

John Teixeira
Chair Ford Truck Plant

       "Basically the way I see it, there are plant closures in the United States and personally, I feel that Ford would have to do something in the Canadian operations to show that they are sharing the pain somewhere else."

       Al Paquette, Chair of the Ford Mini-van plant says there is a possibility that Ford could change its mind.

Al Paquette
Chair- Mini Van Plant

       "As everyone knows anything, can happen in two years. I mean, September 11th, look at what has happened today. Two years, that is a long time. We hope the economy picks up and things do improve."

       CAW national president, Buzz Hargrove says the fight to save the plant is far from over and plant closings will be a key issue at this year's Big Three bargaining.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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