Remember, Honour and Act to Stop Violence Against Women: London/Vancouver

London, Ontario

December 9, 2003

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Remember, Honour and Act to Stop Violence Against Women: London/Vancouver
Remember, Honour and Act to Stop Violence Against Women: London/Vancouver
dated December 9, 2003

       London, Ontario
December 6, 2003
       CAW women and men across Canada gathered on December 6th to remember the 14 young women gunned down at l'École Polytechnique, in Montreal in 1989. In London, Ontario, the members of various area CAW locals lit candles for each of the 14, and for the thousands of women who are victims of violence in Canada each year.

Rev. Susan Eagle
United Church Of Canada

       "We also gather today to renew our vow that we will not be silent until our world has been made safe for women, and for men, and for children."


The outward facing circle symbolized each person's commitment to break the silence and take action, to stop violence against women, including recognizing individual women and the activist roles they play.

Stephanie Johnston
CAW Local 636
2003 Sisterhood Award

       "Being engaged in the struggle for equality, for women's rights, for all rights is the right thing to do. And even if we don't see that we are making great strides sometime, we really are. We've come a long ways but we still have a long ways to go."

Vancouver, B.C.
December 5, 2003
       In Vancouver, British Columbia, a "white ribbon" campaign was launched by CAW Local 111 where over 600 bus drivers, including 200 women drivers, wore the white ribbon symbolizing the fight to stop violence against women. They also signed a petition supporting the campaign. One driver, Carlos Moreira, as a child, witnessed his father beat his mother.

Carlos Moreira
CAW Local 111

       "We just can't sit around and keep quiet anymore. It is time for all of us to talk about it and stop it."

       The white ribbon campaign has been reassuring for the sisters of Local 111, according to Mabele Elmore.

Mabel Elmore
CAW Local 111

       "Our brothers have told us that they are there to stand up for us, and they will support us and back us up, whether it be on the road and we have an incident, or in the work place. That has been positive and it has encouraged me to get more involved in the union."

       Steve Sutherland of Local 777 and Suzanne Anderson of Local 111 agreed that the silence has to be broken and action taken now.

Steve Sutherland
CAW local 777

       "We're fighting for equality all the way around. We're having more women in trades here and that's a good thing. Women are wired differently than men, that's a fact, and it is a good thing to have sisters in the workplace. Hopefully things will be different for my daughter, and better, and things will be different for my granddaughter and better."

Suzanne Anderson
CAW Local 111

       "We have to take a stand today, and we have to change the future for our daughters. We have to change the future for our sons. And all that comes from being at home, being aware, educating ourselves, educating our children, keeping our fingers crossed and not being silent when you shouldn't be."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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