Woman to Woman Election Campaign

Tecumseh, Ontario

September 25, 2003

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Woman To Woman Election Campaign
Woman To Woman Election Campaign
dated September 26, 2003

Tecumseh, Ontario
September 25, 2003
       "Women need to get out and vote because we are 51 per cent of the electorate!"

London, Ontario
September 25, 2003


The Woman to Woman election campaign is sweeping across Ontario as the voters get ready to cast their ballots in the provincial election. CAW sisters are handing out special pamphlets outlining each political party's stand on child care, violence against women, poverty and affordable housing, issues CAW Women's Director Julie White says are being ignored.

Julie White
CAW Women's Director

       "We listened to the leaders debate the other night. There was nothing in the debate that talked about social policies. So that is why we feel it is important as women, to come and talk to women about these issues because we know 87 per cent of women in this province do not support conservative policies."

Toronto, Ontario
September 23, 2003

       In downtown Toronto the response to the issue based campaign was positive according to Myrtle Armstrong of CAW Local 40.

Myrtle Armstrong
CAW Local 40

       "Yes it is. Some of them laugh and feel good about it. I tell them just to go through, read through and they will get the full understanding why women stand up for women, because most people do not know, especially the men, know what women really need."

       Women make up 51 per cent of the voters in Ontario and Peggy Nash, assistant to CAW National President Buzz Hargrove says they can determine the outcome of the election.

Peggy Nash
Assistant to CAW National President

       "If women can get excited about the issues that are facing them during the election, issues about their kids, about their communities, and if we mobilize enough women to vote on the issues and go out on October the 2nd and exercise their vote we can make a change in the province of Ontario."

Windsor, Ontario
September 25, 2003

       The Woman to Woman campaign got rousing support at the CAW Local 444 membership meeting as Sandra Dominato outlined the early success of the campaign.

Sandra Dominato
CAW Local 444

       "We have done internal and external leaflets at CAW workplaces. We have assisted our sisters at Local 195 at Butcher Engineering. We had a firm response from their membership. We have gotten a good response from the majority of women, saying they will vote this time, being disgusted and dissatisfied with the Tory government."

       Karen Levack of CAW Local 195 responded to the campaign by getting directly involved and is confident it will make a difference.

Karen Levack
CAW Local 195

       "I don't think that's going to happen that all of the 51 per cent are gong to vote but I think that if we work hard enough that we can get a large percentage of us out. It changed my mind to come out."

       The Woman to Woman election campaign to mobilize women in Ontario to cast their vote based on women's issues has shifted into high gear as the October 2nd voting day approaches.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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