Nash Victim Of Stop Harper Backlash

Toronto, Ontario

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Nash Victim Of Stop Harper Backlash
Nash Victim Of Stop Harper Backlash
dated July 2, 2004

Toronto, Ontario
June 28, 2004

       The last minute "Stop Harper" backlash at polling stations in Parkdale High Park snatched victory away from NDP candidate Peggy Nash on June 28th. Nash, assistant to CAW national president Buzz Hargrove, made significant inroads in the traditional Liberal riding. She closed the gap from the 13,000 margin the Liberal incumbent had in the previous election to 3,000 but strategic voting cost her the election.

Peggy Nash
NDP Candidate

       "Many voters raised with us over the weekend, concern about strategic voting. And I think it is a sad commentary that people vote for a party they don't want over fear for a party they want even less. And at some point maybe people will just decide to vote for a party that they do want."

       During the campaign hundreds of volunteers including many CAW members from across the province turned out to help Peggy. They helped run the campaign headquarters and offices throughout the riding and canvassed for Peggy.

Jenny Ahn
CAW National Exec. Board

       "It wasn't about just running because she wants to be an MP now. It's about the fact that she's been fighting for working families, for women's issues, on social issues for years and this is not just about her running for an election."

Hassan Yussuff
Canadian Labour Congress Sec.-Treasurer

       "Peggy comes from a whole different school from a lot of politicians. She comes from a trade union background. She comes from an understanding that you can't lecture the people, that you seriously have to engage them on the issues that really matters to them and this is a neighborhood of working class people."

Lorie Peacock
CAW Local 199 

       "It just shows the amount of respect that Peggy's co-workers have for her. When you have people here from Oshawa, from London, from Whitby, Oakville, Saint Catharines; you have people from all over the province here today in support of somebody we just feel is extremely dynamic and we'd be proud, just really proud to have her as our representative."

       Toronto Mayor David Miller actively campaigned for Peggy during the election and was there on election night to congratulate her on her effort.
       With the Liberals forming a minority government it is only a matter of time before Canadians will have to go to the polls again. Meanwhile Nash is determined to continue the fight for the people who voted for her.

Peggy Nash
NDP Candidate

       "They voted for a positive vision, a David Miller vision for our city and I intend to carry on that work and work with the Mayor in any way that I can to build our city. It has been neglected, for too long, by the Federal government and in whatever way that I can, as a citizen; I intend to hold them accountable."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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