CAW Air Canada leadership Endorse New Contract

Toronto, Ontario

May 31, 2004

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CAW Air Canada leadership Endorse New Contract
CAW Air Canada leadership Endorse New Contract
dated May 31, 2004

Toronto, Ontario
May 26, 2004

       After weeks of tense bargaining a new tentative agreement with Air Canada was presented to the CAW Local 2002 leadership in Toronto May, 26th.
       Local 2002 president, Sari Sairanen told the Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz leaders that the bargaining committee kept the workers in the fore front throughout the talks with management.

Sari Sairanen
CAW Local 2002 President

       "This is not about the corporate monies. This is not about paying the investors or getting the money from the investors. This is about the people, the families out there who have lost. They have lost greatly. People are going to be away from home and their families. They are going to have to tighten their belts a lot more to make this airline work."

       CAW national president Buzz Hargrove praised the bargaining committee's determined fight back in dealing with Air Canada in the face of mounting and unfair public pressure against them.
Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "The media was trying to frame us and the company was feeding this to them, that somehow because we were last; it wasn't because we were last to get an agreement but that we were the holdout. We were the ones that were threatening the future viability of the airline. No one ever once said that it was the investors. It was the investors that were threatening to put the airline into bankruptcy, not us. We were quite willing to live with the agreement that we signed back in April of last year."

       CAW economist Jim Stanford gave an overview of Air Canada's and the airline industry's past and current financial situation along with a breakdown of the numbers involved in the new agreement. He also warned that the fight for the airline industry is far from over.

Jim Stanford
CAW Economist

       "Once the election is finished and once the dust dies and once Air Canada comes back out from CCAA we've got to be prepared to put a big push on in the media and with our members and with government to say enough is enough. Fourteen money losing years out of seventeen means this picture is not working and we need a new set of rules."

       The CAW Local 2002 leadership overwhelmingly endorsed the tentative agreement and ratification votes are being held at the various bases across the country between May 30th and June 17th.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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