Labour's Anti-War Message is Clear

Toronto, Ontario

January 20, 2003

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Labour's Anti-war Message is Clear
Labour's Anti-war Message is Clear
dated January 20, 2003

Toronto, Ontario
January 18, 2003

       More than 15 thousand protesters including many CAW members marched through the streets of Toronto on Saturday to protest the U.S. led war against Iraq. Braving sub-zero temperatures and hoisting a banner that said "don't attack Iraq, the protesters urged the Canadian government to reject the U.S. war against Iraq. The Toronto protest was just one of many around the world drawing hundreds of thousands of participants and they all had the similar message, reject the war. Hassan Yussuf of the Canadian Labour Congress told protesters gathered in Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square, the war that the American's want to wage against the people of Iraq is really about oil and nothing more. He said Canada can't be a part of it.

Hassan Yussuff
C.L.C. Secretary Treasurer

       "Friends and colleagues we must be loud and we must be united and we must be strong, we will change the policy of our government if we continue to mobilize and send a clear message, we do not want Canada to be part of any coalition against the people of Iraq."
       The Toronto protesters were peaceful throughout the day even as they passed the U.S. Consulate where police waited in force behind barricades. There was also a touch of irony as the demonstrators marched by memorials dedicated to past wars while protesting against one that has yet to begin.

       The march ended at the University of Toronto where protesters came in out of the cold to hear activist Shirley Douglas tell them that as a group they have the power to move people and to change government policy.

Shirley Douglas

       "We need to declare a war on poverty, disease, child poverty, illiteracy, racism, saving the environment , enforcing human rights and securing health care world wide."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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