CAW Leads Aid Drive For Bam Iran Earth Quake Victims

Toronto, Ontario

January 12, 2004

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CAW Leads Aid Drive For Bam Iran Earth Quake Victims
CAW Leads Aid Drive For Bam Iran Earth Quake Victims
dated January 12, 2004

Toronto, Ontario
January 10, 2004 
       As the death toll in Bam, Iran, climbs from 50,000 to 60,000, the CAW has joined the multi- national effort to raise money for the earth quake victims. CAW National President Buzz Hargrove presented the union's donation to the Canadian Red Cross January 10th in Toronto.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "It is with a heavy heart that on behalf of the 265,000 members of our union that I am here tonight to make a donation in support of the efforts to rebuild the lives of the people who are left in the city of Bam, Iran."
       "I join with David Miller in urging the people of Toronto, and through the media the people of Ontario and Canada to join with us in making a serious commitment to the people of Bam Iran as we donate $100,000 towards their efforts tonight."

       Shocked by the horrendous destruction in Bam, Iran, community groups have banned together to raise money. Various unions have joined with the CAW as well as the Canadian Labour Congress represented by Secretary Treasurer Hassan Yussuff.

Hassan Yussuff
Canadian Labour Congress

       "At the Canadian Labour Congress, we really want to be part of the effort in the rebuilding and the fund raising and to participate in this very important effort. And, to say that we are going to challenge all of our colleagues in the other unions that they should participate in this process of giving to help the Red Cross to do its necessary work, to ensure that the people have the necessities so they can survive the difficult task of trying to figure out how they are going to rebuild in the next short while."

       Politicians from various parties and levels of government including Toronto mayor David Miller and federal NDP leader Jack Layton were also on hand to lend their support the fund drive.

Jack Layton
Federal NDP Leader

       "What leadership, once again from the labour movement is stepping forward to help their brothers and sisters and I want to thank everyone here representing the labour movement. I think it just says so well what working people desire not just for themselves, they wish for everyone around the world."

       The enormity of the Bam Iran disaster will take years to overcome and Hargrove urges all CAW members and the general public to contribute money to the relief fund.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "Very few natural disasters have resulted in so many people dying and being left without homes and homeless, without hospitals, without food, water, medical support, educational facilities, so this requires a real response from the people of our communities and our country and we are hoping that by showing this leadership that we will encourage others to do the very same thing."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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