CAW Sponsors Chuvalo's Fight Against Drugs

Kitchener, Ontario

June 8, 2005

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CAW Sponsors Chuvalo's Fight Against Drugs
dated June 8, 2005

 June 2, 2005
Kitchener, Ontario

              The Canadian Auto Workers union has joined forces with one of Canada's greatest athletes in his "Fight Against Drugs" campaign. George Chuvalo held hundreds of students at Resurrection High School in Kitchener Ontario spell-bound as he related his personal story of losing three sons to heroin and his wife, overcome by grief, to suicide. 

George Chuvalo
       "My son couldn't beat drugs. None of my sons could beat drugs. Every time I think about that I think about beautiful young people and how it is sometimes that they can so willingly, and so fearlessly and so recklessly get involved with drugs. How does that happen? How does That happen?"
       "As you leave the talk or harbour images of my handsome sons shooting heroin into their veins with excrement filled up in their pants. I don't like to talk about my sons that way. I don't like to but I have to. I think my sons, if there is a conscious level in the after life, would want you to know just how God awful it is to be a drug addict, just how God awful it was for them to be drug addicts."

       The message got through to the students according to grade ten student Ryan Woods.

 Ryan Woods

       "I think it was pretty good and pretty inspirational to most people. It explains a lot about drug use and the effect it can have on families; and not only the people who use it but their family members and those it has an impact on."

       After the talk, a student who is trying to get off drugs spoke with George privately.

        Just hearing your story is so inspirational and so therapeutic actually that it really gives me a sense of pride to have met you and a sense of hope that I can continue.

 George Chuvalo
"Well good Luck, You are on the right path and you have made an intelligent choice at a very important time of your life. I'm glad you are back on track."

       The CAW national union along with various locals across Canada is sponsoring the Fight Against Drugs program. CAW Organizing Director Mike Shields said this is part of the union's on-going social activism. 

Mike Shields
CAW Dir. of Organizing

       "It's about family. It's about our children. It's about the future of our kids and you can't get an issue much more important than that."

       CAW Locals 1451, 1524 and 302 joined the national union's effort in bringing Chuvalo to Kitchener. Jim Woods of Local 1524 

Jim Woods
Local 1524

       "We've put a lot of resources into the aftermath and what a tremendous opportunity, having George here to speak to a bunch of high school students. It gives us an opportunity to be pro-active for a change."

       With help from the national union and its Locals, Chuvalo will be speaking to thousands of high school students across Canada.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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